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What is a Step Up in Basis?

A step up in basis is what happens when an individual inherits an asset, such as a house, from a benefactor. The cost basis of the asset, which is the original value of the asset for tax purposes, is “stepped up” to its fair market value (FMV) at the time of the benefactor’s death.

This can significantly reduce the capital gains tax owed when the inherited property is sold.

Why Do You Need a Step Up in Basis?

When you inherit a property, the step up in basis can help you save on capital gains tax if you decide to sell the property. The capital gains tax is calculated based on the difference between the selling price and the cost basis. With a step up in basis, the cost basis is the FMV of the property at the time of the benefactor’s death, not the original purchase price. This can significantly reduce the capital gains tax owed.

How Does a Step Up in Basis Relate to a Date of Death Appraisal?

A Date of Death Appraisal, also known as an estate appraisal, determines the FMV of the real estate at the time of the owner’s passing. This appraisal is crucial for establishing the stepped-up basis for tax purposes.

Here is the full guide for estate administrators on the IRS website.

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Understanding the value of your property is a crucial factor in many of life's most significant decisions. This is where a residential appraisal comes into play. A residential appraisal is a comprehensive analysis that determines the fair market value of a property. It's a vital tool, whether you're applying for a mortgage, considering listing your home for sale, or simply interested in discerning the market value of your property.

Beyond these commonly recognized needs, there are numerous other situations where a residential appraisal can provide invaluable insight. These include:

  1. Estate Planning: Understanding the value of your property can help shape your financial and estate planning strategies, ensuring your loved ones are well provided for in the future.
  2. Financial Planning: An appraisal can aid in making informed decisions about refinancing, investment, or property improvement.
  3. Real Estate Owned (REO) or Short Sale Scenarios: Accurate property valuation is crucial when dealing with distressed properties to ensure you are making a sound financial decision.
  4. Bankruptcy or Divorce Proceedings: A precise, unbiased property valuation is vital in legal situations such as division of assets.
  5. PMI or Mortgage Insurance Removal: An updated appraisal can help you remove private mortgage insurance (PMI) once you've reached sufficient equity in your home.

Appraisals play a significant role in the decision-making process of banks, lending institutions, and individual homeowners. They provide an objective perspective on a property's value, taking into account a multitude of unique features and market conditions.

Our experienced residential appraisers delve into meticulous research, examining specific factors that might influence the value of your home. These include the presence of any recent renovations, needed repairs, upgrades, and both interior and exterior features of the property. An in-depth inspection of the property is also conducted to ensure an accurate and comprehensive valuation.

With Appraisals of Southwest Florida, you're not only getting a service, but you're also gaining the expertise and knowledge of certified residential FHA-approved appraisers with 23 years of experience in the field. Our professionals have the requisite training, proven experience, and the competency to deliver precise and reliable appraisal reports.

So, whether you're selling your home, undergoing legal proceedings, planning for the future, or merely curious about your property's value, an accurate appraisal can provide the insights you need to make informed, confident decisions.

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